AERO SNAP 5.8 / 5.10

Radical Surf low volume – the Aerosnap is a surfboard that likes to be ridden fast and hard. It can handle the forces of riding with a kite with a lot of power, either strapped or unstrapped. The Aerosnap is an ultra-leight weight, very lively board with a generous amount of flex and response.


AERO SURF 5.9 / 5.11 / 6.0

Smooth Surf / high volume — the Aerosurf will allow you to generate your own power through rail to rail pumps. With its specific bottom shape and ultra-light weight the Aerosurf is a lively surf board in a bomb proof construction. This board is ideally suited for strapless kite surfing or pure surfing.
Prijs: Naked 600 euro (inclusief import verzending)
Available options:
inserts 50 euro
Board tail padded + 30 euro
Board full padded + 80 euro
FCS vinnen Glassflex 50 euro
FCS vinnen Performance Glass 80 euro
Available colors: red/green/blue/grey
Color on request + 20 euro